(Painted Cats Clear Skies x Painted Cats Red Star)

– Born May 7, 2018 –

PaintedCats Dream about Me, aka Misty is our Black Tabby Rosetted girl from Wisconsin (USA), who carries for Blue/Dilute. From the first moment we saw this girl, we were completely in love. She has the most amazing warm-coloured, silky coat with huge round pancake rosettes, no rib bars, a contrast to dream for and a rare superb white background. Besides her beautiful coat, she has a very firm body type, a thick short rosetted tail and a gorgeous head with small rounded ears and a nice profile. She has a typical Bengal character; naughty but in a sweet playful manner! All in all, we are extremely happy and proud to introduce this astonishing girl to our program.


All pictures of Misty were made at Cattery PaintedCats by Helmi Flick, thank you for sharing these amazing pictures with us!


Thank you, Jim, for this dream girl!

— PKDef N/N (normal)
— PRA N/N (normal)
— HCM and PKD negative: tests performed February 2020