(Elysor Splash of Heaven x Elysor Sonic Boom)

– Born January 10, 2014 –

Elysor Michelangelo, aka Mickey is our new Black Tabby Rosetted Boy from Canada. He has a beautiful colour, the most amazing contrast, huge fully outlined rosettes and a super soft coat. Furthermore, he has a lovely headtype with a strong chin and the most beautiful green eyes. Besides that, he also carries for Snow Seal Lynx and Blue. And last but not least, his character. He has a great character, he loves to be cuddled and wants to be pet all dat long… We really love this sweet boy!


Thank you Elena for this stunning & lovely boy!

— PKDef N/N (normal)

— HCM/PKD negative: tests performed March 2015

— FIV and FeLV negative: tests performed March 2015