General information about our kittens

Our kittens are raised in a home environment in company of our older bengals, our children and all the usual household sounds. So they will be used to all the normal things happening at home when going to their new owners.
The kittens can leave to their new homes at the age of 12-13 weeks (approximately).
At that time they will be vaccinated/inoculated twice, three times dewormed and chipped.
Furthermore, the new owners will be given an European passport of the kitten and a package including all kinds of toys. When the kittens go to their new homes the new owner will have to sign a contract, of this contract there will be a copy which the new owner may keep. And last but not least our kittens will be sold with a TICA pedigree.

Terms Used


Feel free to inform about this kitten and contact us. We take it to account who contacted us first. However, if we do not get a clear answer and there are still other people who are interested, these people can come and visit the kitten and he/she will still be available. The kitten is for the person who reserves the kitten first. We do not reserve kittens without a deposit.



This means that someone has sent a deposit, but we have not received the deposit yet. You can still inform about this kitten as it might become available again.



This means that someone has sent a deposit, which is received. So this kitten is not available anymore.


On hold

This means that this kitten is under evaluation (at the moment) until a certain age. But this kitten might still become available! So you can always inform about the kitten.



This means that we have decided to keep the kitten for our own breeding program. So this kitten is not available