(Mangosteen Thunder x Gigi Ashquindi)
– Born September 17th, 2020 –

Moonlight Ashquindi, aka Moonlight is a Silver Snow Lynx Rosetted girl from the Netherlands. She is our very first Silver Snow girl, that she is a Silver Snow can be seen by the silver/grey colour in her face, on her paws and on the hindside of her ears. We expect very promising future kittens from her together with our Snow Mink stud Champagne. She has a firm body type and beautiful ‘puzzle’ pattern with very large rosettes. She has a good contrast already but is getting even more contrasted as she gets older. Additionally, she has a beautiful head with the prettiest very light blue eyes and a rosetted tail. Finally, she has a sweet character and likes to be pet.


Ps. The pictures were taken in our outside enclosure while she was enjoying the good weather, normally she lives inside our house of course.


Thank you, Patricia, for our very first Silver Snow girl!

— PKDef N/N (normal)
— PRA N/N (normal)
— HCM and PKD negative: tests performed September 2021