(Dazzledots On Cloud Nine x Gogees So Speechless)

– Born February 21, 2013 –

Bengalivo Steal D Show, aka Didi is a Black Tabby Rosetted girl. She comes from excellect bloodlines.

Her father is World Champion: Dazzledots On Cloud Nine from Cattery Bengalivo. The minute we saw her. we fell in love! Didi is a very big girl with an amazing head type, black outlined rosettes, great contrast on a golden base coat, no rib bars and a nice, thick, rosetted tail.


Thank you Ivonne for this stunning girl!

— PKDef N/N (normal)

— HCM/PKD negative: tests performed March the 4th 2014

— FIV and FeLV negative: tests performed March the 12th 2014