(Gadget Ashquindi x vom Kranichsberg Quinoa)
– Born July 15th, 2020 –

Kalliope Ashquindi, aka Kiki is a beautiful Black Tabby Rosetted girl from the Netherlands, who carries for Snow Sepia. She has an amazing contrast, a very rich, deep warm colour and she has gorgeous a symmetrical pattern with big round rosettes and a very good flow. Furthermore, she has a lovely body type and a really great, very beautiful head with small, rounded ears, and amazing profile and pretty green eyes. Lastly, she has a rosetted tail. Not only is she a true beauty, but she also has the sweetest character and loves to be pet and lay on your lap. She really is a treasure.


Thank you, Patricia, for our lovebug!

— PKDef N/N (normal)
— PRA N/N (normal)
— HCM and PKD negative: test performed September 2021