(Golden Leopard Triumph x BoydsBengals Moet Chandon)
– Born May 27, 2021 –

Boydsbengals Aspen Rose, aka Aspen is our new Snow Mink Charcoal girl from Savannah (USA). The second we saw this girl; we completely fell in love with her and just could not let her get away. She is our first Charcoal Bengal and introduces our program to new opportunities when it comes to the (Snow) Charcoal colour. We cannot wait to see her future babies! Aspen has the most amazing contrast and a gorgeous coat with a pattern to dream about. She has a symmetrical pattern with a great flow of gigantic round pancake rosettes, no rib bars, and a clear background. Additionally, she has a firm body type, a short tail and an amazing head with a beautiful mask, a great profile and chin, and rounded ears. Furthermore, she has a lovely character and is a very sweet girl, who likes to lay on your lap. We are extremely happy and proud to introduce this astonishing girl to our program!


Thank you, Melody, for this superb girl!

— PKDef N/N (normal)
— PRA N/N (normal)